Overcoming Challenges In Life With Sheryl Johnson

Sheryl is a Spiritual Healer who combines many modalities into sessions that she calls Soul Healing, which are
often transformative

Healing Offerings

Soul Healing Session

Soul healing sessions are a unique blend of Shamanism, Akashic Records, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Retrieval and Healing, Reiki, and Pendulum Dowsing.

Pendulum Dowsing & Intuitive Sessions

 For existing clients who wish spiritual guidance in between sessions.
Phone sessions only.

Why Choose Sheryl

Take a moment to hear what previous clients have said about their powerful healing journey.

“Working with Sheryl helped to shed some much needed light and clarity on some very big topics that have been plaguing me. I came in with an open mind hoping to gain a better understanding of my work in the world – and was met with kindness, compassion, and grace. I felt safe, understood, and connected as Sheryl shared her wisdom and learnings with me. The session has stayed with me and continues to open up new insights and awareness.

Most of all, I feel a deep sense of clarity and lightness since working
with Sheryl. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking to gain clarity and take their spiritual connection deeper.”

 Amanda Parker

“A friend recommended Sheryl to me when I was feeling “stuck” in my life and career. Honestly, before our first session, I was afraid I was going to walk in and see crystal balls and all the other cliché items that have perpetuated the stereotypes marring spiritual work. Instead, I met a warm, smart, funny and yes, normal woman (that would be Sheryl). Upon commencing our sessions, I was astonished by how Sheryl knew details about me and my life that she could not have possibly known. Her psychic abilities and healing abilities are amazing. During our sessions, Sheryl was able to see the events in my past life and in this life that were preventing me from moving forward on my true path. Using her gifts, she helped me understand the lessons that my soul needs to learn in this life and the work I need to do to continue to grow. They haven’t been easy lessons to learn (that’s kinda the point!) and we have had a lot of work to do. When the time was right—and only when I had done the work that I needed to do—she performed a soul retrieval that was critical to my feeling happy and whole again. It has been a life changing experience for me and I feel so blessed to have had her help me on this path.”

Tara Ford

“Sheryl is an absolutely amazing healer and psychic. I had taken her card from my massage place a couple of times, but I never reached out. Interestingly enough however, when I did – it was exactly THE right time that I needed to work with her. I was immediately struck by Sheryl’s warm and welcoming presence. She has a genuine caring way of getting to know you and to understand where you are struggling in your life. What she saw and felt during my 3 healing sessions – and how I physically and emotionally felt during each session – was as if deep/hidden negative emotions and energies that had been holding me back were being released. There were visions that she had that made so much sense given my areas of emotional pain. Sheryl claims she is not a fortune teller, but she had a very strong probable/positive feeling about a new job in a new city that I had been hoping would come true. Hours after she sent me the notes from the first session, I got the job offer! Had I not moved to Charleston SC for this dream job in the golf industry, I would be doing more sessions with Sheryl. When I am back in the area I will definitely try to work with her again. Sheryl has a true gift. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking some healing. Isn’t that everyone who experiences this journey of life? Thank you Sheryl!!!”