Clear out the pain from the past and start enjoying your life!

Who Benefits

Sheryl’s healing and spiritual guidance sessions have helped clients with: 

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Feeling Stuck, Relationship Issues, Infertility, Grief, Chronic Pain or Illness

Start Healing With Sheryl

Every session is different according to the individuals needs and is a unique combination of some of the following:

Clearing and healing of stuck memories, emotions, thought pathways, and the soma. Soul Retrieval, retrieving lost energies in this incarnation or past
incarnations. Akashic Record Readings & healing traumas in this incarnation and past incarnation. Healing Ancestral lineages. Guidance on your own spiritual experiences

Your Healing Journey

Your History

Overcoming life’s difficulties, whether from day-to-day life to major traumas, is difficult. Psychotherapy helps, but only so much. In order for true healing to occur, it’s important to get to the spiritual imprint of the problem.

Your How

Shamanic healing addresses
the spiritual aspect of illness, whether emotional or physical. The shaman facilitates healing between the spirit realm and the patient. Sheryl wasn’t born into a shamanic culture and doesn’t want to misrepresent herself by
calling herself a shaman. She refers to herself as a shamanic practitioner out of respect for indigenous shamans.

Your Hope

Healing is a process. No one is truly done healing, but it sure feels better to clear the spiritual aspect of the emotional or physical illness. Life problems still exist, but they don’t affect us in the same way.